I am very pleased to be announce the appointment of an ADC FOR ADULT SUPPORT

For every member of the Scout District this is one of the most important support functions as it deals with new adults and also existing volunteers in their current role or any changed roles.

Group Scout Leaders and others were looking for more support and this is a vital support role that will ensure we can help all newcomers quickly establish themselves and begin the journey to full training. We expect to be proactive in advising when a course is needed or a refresher taken, opportunities for new courses will be flagged up and training progress supported and assisted.

Debbie Sketchley is taking the role of ADC ADULT SUPPORT with immediate effect and relinquishes the role of ADC Development (B & C) which will lapse.

We will be getting Debbie a new District email address by for the time being contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please support Debbie in the new role and make sure your team know she is there for them!

I am also pleased to advise that after again listening to Group Scout Leaders and others we have mutually agreed to a couple of modifications to appointments that will assist us in building a new Programme & Activities Team structure that will work to and for every section and each Group / ESU.

With immediate effect Ian Triccas will no longer be ADC Scouts Adventurous Activities but ADC ADVENTURE

The ADC ADVENTURE will as the name implies be delivering specific adventurous activities as commissioned by the sections and the Groups as well as Explorer Scouts, The purpose is to be able to provide under qualified leadership and supervision such activities as climbing and abseiling, hill walking to T2 Winter conditions, Trekking and Back Packing, water activities and other elements of ADVENTURE.

There will still be an Activities Badge support for the Scout section and any events already in the pipeline will be delivered by Ian, He will however have a slightly different remit and we will be looking to work directly with Colonies, Packs and Troops as well as the Explorer Scouts to deliver on the OUTDOOR & ADVENTUROUS programme.

We will be providing more out of District opportunities for activities funded to enable! Continue to contact on email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ADC 14 – 25 is also changing.

Chris Griffin has worked the new appointment an we have concluded that a few modifications are required to again provide more direct support into Scout Groups at the various sections in particular SCOUT TROOPS and with Explorer Scouts.

We want to help section adults interpret the Youth Forum output better and for this to have a more realistic impact in the programme. We want to have extra support to encourage participation and to build an even stronger link to Explorer Scouting and Young Leader progression. Chris will still be the bridge between 17 to 18 going into Network but for the foreseeable future I have asked him to concentrate effort into the Scout section especially at age 13 rising 14 so we can deliver a better transition to ES.


ADC YOUTH INVOLVEMENT BEING PHASED OUT – after the initial success we have concluded that the DISTRICT YOUTH COMMISSIONER will be the main volunteer role for Youth Forum / Youth Shape training and programme delivery across the 6 – 18 ages with support from the ADC YOUTH ACTIVITIES.

Margaret Pyle will still support and assist the DYC & ADC YA along with other adults taking a constructive role from time to time. The process is evolutionary and we have to change with the national structure changes. This is enabling Margaret to take in another new challenge and one which utilises her experiences from Somerset. Margaret will from today become the District’s SCOUT ACTIVE SUPPORT UNIT MANAGER, responsible to me for developing a range of Units based in Scout Groups / ESUs / District either functionally grouped or location based. We hope to harness more of our volunteers into more tangible groupings that in particular our Programme facing teams and ADCs can draw on. to “Provide Active Support”, with the emphasis being very much on practical support of the youth programme at all levels of the Association, from the local Scout Group to National level. These may be specialist groups, for example campsite service crews, activity teams, first aid teams or radio operators, or they may be a more general group of individuals with a variety of interests and skills who are ready to help out at all sorts of different events.