Why write a blog?

Let's share good news with you.

Our first 3 months of 2015 have been full of interest and much actiivity but for a District Commissioner it has been extra busy this year; I am not alone in having to hold an Annual Census without the new online manangment tool COMPASS. Much to everyone's disappointment Compass was turned off and we all realised that it had been a much bigger task to implement that Scout Association as a corporate body had estimated.  Riddled with errors and suspect data protection issues there was no option and I applaud the managers at Gilwell for taking such quick and postive action.

In place of Compass we now have a very workable system for DBS checking and also logging new appointments. This is working very well (please if you are still thinking the old system was better the forget it and embrace the new tools) with our Appointment Secretary Julie mamanging this very well.

Taking the Census on 15th February we were able to amend the youth data which was then added into the adult data. I am delighted to report the Beaver Scouts have maintained the 300+ from the Summer count and have 319 members! Cub Scouts remained static and both Scouts and Explorers gained a few members. Our Adult volunteer numbers were well up from last year which enables Scouting tobe delivered to young people. I am thrilled to say thank you to all as I report that our membership has risen in the District from 1000 to 1132 - a huge 13.2% increase!

The other big new is that Burton Youth Team was formed from the young people who went to the County Youth Forum last year. Working with Margaret and Nat (our Youth Involvement and Activities Commissioners) they have pulled off a great feat with Explorers and Scout Troops electing Forum reps - with a fanatastic Forum on Saturday 28th March. #youthshaped is the way forward.

More good news happens every day with Scouting. Each Colony, Pack and Troop event is good news for the hundreds of youngsters that enjoy Scouting thanks to over a hundred adults.

Finally, a quick word about our gender balance. Scouting is for boys and girls. In 2013/14 24.5% were girls, and 2014/15 it was not 28% are girls. Well done for opening #Scoutingforall opportunities.

Graham Rothery

District Commissioner 29 / 03 /15