SCOUTING 4 ALL - what does it mean to each of us in our daily Scouting?

I say daily although I know many people see Scouting being just that period when their child can attend a meeting and be away from home for a few hours each week. Of course the older a person gets in their childhood it is probably true that Scouting plays an even bigger part in their lives as they mature and put into daily practice what they learn through the non-formal education process of Scouting. Certainly many of our volunteers put in countless hours planning and delivering exciting programmes week in and week out.

For me Scouting 4 All means a huge challenge as I look after 9 months as the District Commissioner and wonder what we can do to keep improving the Scout package and offering that is Burton Upon Trent District.

So here are a few ideas and comments to think about.

  1. Working in our "Sections" as cross District teams to support one another and have joint events that can broaden what we offer and help out other volunteers
  2. Work in our Groups to understand the pressures and issues that each other faces and see if we can support in any particular way
  3. Ensure as a Scout Leader that you appoint someone in your Troop to be the link with our two Explorer Units and ensure that we don't leak from Troop to Unit - remember that Young Leaders are Explorer Scouts with an Unit specifically for them aswell as the opportunity to belong to Central Unit
  4. Look at the local community and ask what we can do better and where we need to be in our offer. For example we know we have Polish speaking Beavers but we need to recruit Polish speaking helpers and leaders. Is this a way to grow our Group and reach out?
  5. Ask what is the priority in the neighbourhood delvelopment plan for your Ward of ESBC - you may be surprised to hear that in one I found YOUTH provision and WORKING WITH SCOUTS / GUIDES an implied priority from the local Primary School but they have  not approached the Scout District - so we will be doing that in reverse
  6. Work with the local community and see where that takes us. Our Scouting is already in the community and where it can be stronger it will flourish longer
  7. Have fun in what we do - such as the Rolleston Group Camp and the Stretton Golden Garden Party. The Branston Open night and open day and - well it happens around the District and you will I hopeknow what and where!

Our District Team is almost complete now in the critical areas but there are still rolesto filland support to give. However we will keep looking to attract and develop the way we can all work to get Scouting4All the real way forward.

Enjoy Scouting

Graham Rothery

District Commissioner 26 Sept 14