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Scouting is made up of the YOUTH members and many people will think of Beavers in their distinctive sweat shirts always looking excited and busy as well as our Cub Scouts – a slightly more matured version of Beavers.

What about the Scouts themselves? How many people think of our third youth section as teenagers and also as both the men and women of the near future? How many people outside of Scouting think of our EXPLORERS who are enjoying challenging and rewarding activities including going abroad for adventure and challenge? There are our Young Leaders from within the Explorer structure who volunteer alongside the ADULT members to support the three younger Youth ages from 6 through to 14.

Many of our VOLUNTEERS are aged from 18 to 25 and we have NETWORK which they can also belong to and complete their own personal training for D of E Award and Queens Scout Award. These are real goals that in achieving will give memories and skills to hold for life.

Our Scouting Census is done every January and for the second year running we have 1000 youth and adult members in Burton Upon Trent District. Last year we were 1005 and as long as we understand where our numbers have changed and can respond to the challenges that may create we are still In Good Shape!

Thanks to the great work of our VOLUNTEERS we support Scouting for the following numbers – which I have shown male and female because across all of Scouting from 6 years we are a mixed youth group.

BEAVERS – 237   CUBS – 273   SCOUTS – 248   EXPLORERS – 72

NETWORK (not holding an Adult role) – 1

That translates to Male – 628   Female – 203

For our Adult Volunteers in leadership roles working in Scout Groups we have 125 split 62 Male and 63 Female

The remaining members are working in our Groups, District Active Support and District Team where we have a number of exciting new opportunities to volunteer. More of that soon.

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District Commissioner March 2014