This month I am writing at the end of a busy 4 weeks. No half terms for District Commissioners and with some ADC's unavailable for one reason or another to attend the metings we have to go to I stepped in to a couple of extra meetings. 

I've had a bit of a short holiday that Tricia and I looked forward to, so it was nice to be able to leave a number of the daily chores behind and enjoy a few days in the Cotswolds. We reflected on how we had to go to a Scout Camp in Scotland when I was a Group Scout Leader. Tricia enjoyed meeting the hunky chaps from the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team and I got to play with their 4x4 rescue vehicle - but the 10 days were far from a holiday and if anything a real task to be endured by the two non-scouting wives who had to make up numbers to drive minibuses. That was a time we had a parent offer us great rates on 3 minibuses - we only needed 2 x 17 seaters but these were 12 seaters we had to accept them. Great we had an offer of help and the charge was a fraction of the others - but we had to compromise the support and take extra drivers! 

What a balancing act being a Group Scout Leader or a Commissioner it can be. Now and then we can get it wrong and we have to reach a compromise or accept we are human after all and got it wrong. There are times when you can allow someone to plough on with a plan and then you have to perhaps take a different decision nearer the final moment (the famous 11th Hour) and say - Stop change course. It can be like that with members (thats the young people) and the volunteers (thats the 18 plus adult types) and decide with them or for them that Scouting is not the right place for them. We also have to ensure when we open our doors we are letting the right people in and supporting them to the right roles. In 2015 I tossed an idea around and in the end changed the role and abandoned the idea. The following year showed it was not a bad move neither would it have been a great one. 

In the near future I am seeing the chance that my little experiment will be adopted as the national policy for the restructure of our adult supporting functions (generally ADC) so I will with all the team be taking a good look and seeing what we can achieve. The Grow Your Group sessions will also be helpful in making ideas come forward. 

To all those who volunteer - Thank you and all those who are undecided - why not give it a go soon?

Thank you 


DC Burton upon Trent