Graham’s June Blog – Developments



There are lots of good things happening in the Scout District of Burton upon Trent.

Our District AGM (see separate web report) saw some new faces and we bid farewell to our past Treasurer Peter. New blood coming in also reduces the average age and that includes of course for the first time ever I think an Explorer Scout. We now have 3 under 25 age and I hope they will bring the views of our youth members and younger team to the table.

Group AGMs are spread across a 6 months but so far I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm and interest shown in Groups by parents and others. The challenge for Groups is to tackle the appointments and welcoming into roles for volunteers by doing some spade work well in advance of the AGM date. I will be tackling GOVERNANCE & FINANCE with the Group Scout Leaders this year as a training and learning session. We can learn from good practice and from difficulties as well.


Our new District Structure is all about providing SUPPORT to PROGRAMME and also to ADULTS with a golden dividend of more Scouts in more sections in more of the District. There are a number of challenges ahead as we look to bolster a particular Group and also look at the next stage of taking our new Group the 9th to a Cub Pack as well as the Beaver Colony.

The Be project run by The Scout Association shows how we are seriously taking the Vision Scouting for All to plan and develop the future. I asked Wayne Bulpitt the UK Chief Commissioner how he saw that we would not have the tail wagging the dog. I was seriously thinking about the many voluntary organisations that have “new ideas” and go off in one direction at the Central Office (Ramblers did this) and the CEO being quite amazed when the members / volunteers reacted against the change saying they did not want it or agree with it. His answer was by focussing on the successes, addressing any concerns, offering practical support and giving clear leadership! Click the link for more results from Be…

We will be looking at the needs of each individual Adult in our ORGANISATION plan and seeing what extra practical support we can give as well as clear leadership from the Team.


Now it is up and ready to be used the “Bouldering Wall” is causing a fair amount of interest. Mainly I think because there was a picture of a big rock in most peoples mind and that’s not what we have! Brian our ADC campsites has been hard at work (as ever) totally voluntarily getting the final touches done – no mean feat of barrowing 8 Tonnes I think of wood chips along the drive – but he explained to me that the objective is that you make your way onto the flat rock like faces and then traverse (go along) so you can go one way on an inverse structure then an obverse (convex and concave) and try not to fall off!! So thankfully we are not GOING UP but ALONG THE WALL


We also welcomed Masai warriors to the Needwood Forest site and had a fantastic time. Planning is going ahead now to get them to join in with the PEAK 2015 International Camp at Chatsworth next summer. The 21st Burton who hosted this event with the Central Explorer Unit will be going to PEAK. Not quite the same but we always enjoy being visited by the County Commissioner straying from her home her in Burton (twice in June) as well as the Deputy County Chairman and the ACC Beavers.

Graham June 20th 2014