I am always inspired by the way younger people (and for me that means lots of you now!) especially those under 25 respond and react to change.

Take the local lad Stephen Sutton (from Burntwood not many miles away) who through chnages in hos body which at the end were alarmingly quick, took on the world and the life changing reality of death. Saying as he did its not how long you have but what you dowith that life time. I send our condolences in memory to his family and hope that they will feel the magnitude of the personal achievement that Stephen had.

In our own lives we will cope with change regularly but I find as we get older we are more questioniong and some would say stubborn to change but like the tide it is not going to be held back by one or two King Canutes!


Scouting is always changing and if we listen and react positively to the younger members of the movement - the ones we adults are here doing it for as ours is the role of Service and theirs the role of Self in the old motto of then once marvellous Staffordhsire Youth Council Service Not Self - they are forever changing and accepting and challenging and changing and moving on.


At our District AGM on 10th June I will be launching the 4 teams that will form the new SUPPORTING SCOUTING structure of BURTON UPON TRENT DISTRICT to help to go forward and implement changes to enable SCOUTING FOR ALL to be delivered. The whole point is to help volunteers with better support and more clarity of purpose.

Exciting times ahead, and as I have found never a dull moment and always soemthing good to smile about, find cheer in and to captivate the mind and body - EVERYDAY ADVENTURE !scoutlogo 3purple